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Art Deco Circle Donut polymer clay cutter

Art Deco Circle Donut polymer clay cutter

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Create circular art deco shapes on your earrings with our sturdy and sharp cutters made of PLA, a bio-degradable polymer that is produced from starch, which can be fermented from crops such as corn.

Our polymer clay cutters are designed and produced in our studio in Greece. The cutters are made for polymer clay jewellery, but can be also used for ceramic jewellery.

Blade of cutters : 0.3mm. 

Cutting depth : 7mm.

 Diameter: 40mm

You will need minimum sanding.

The colour of the PLA (the printing material) may be different from the one in the depicted photos. This doesn't affect in any way the quality of the product.

Best to use it:

This cutter has thin details and the clay can easily stick inside the cutter. In order to prevent your clay from sticking to a tile or a glass, put some water or a protectant gloss finish (ArmorAll) on your cutter or on your clay. I'd recommend the second option. Press the cutter all the way down into the clay and carefully lift it up. That way the clay won't stick to the cutter and you will have a crisp result.



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